How to redeem your Volcanion character

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How to redeem your Volcanion Pokémon When you start the game, please find the mystery gift button and press [A] Select "RECEIVE GIFT" and Press [A] Then Press the button [YES] Scroll down to [GET WITH CODE] and Press [A] Make sure your Console is connected to the Internet [...]


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Purple Plan offers innovative and cost-effective PR and marketing campaigns for independent films and entertainment industry clients, ensuring maximum exposure to your target audience. By working with our marketing specialists, we can help you: Manage, budget and plan the marketing of your feature film Source promotional partners and sponsors Organise press junkets and star tours [...]

Films Acquisition

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Purple Plan is a full service theatrical motion picture company specialising in the acquisition of films for distribution in the Asia-Pacific region, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Australia, and New Zealand. We actively source the rights for unique titles. By operating as a service provider for film distribution, we also represent a source [...]

Online platform aggregation

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Purple Plan is a leading aggregator of online film and music in the Asia-Pacific region. By utilising extensive online platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Hulu and Netflix we take full advantage of the very latest in digital distribution. By specialising in music and feature film with a distinctive Asian focus, we are one of [...]


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For advice, guidance and fresh ideas, our consultancy services help you progress smoothly and positively to achieve your end goal. Whether it is help with your movie production or music project, we provide you with the platform to present your creative ideas. You need to market your music or film to the world. Our team [...]

Sales & Distribution

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Purple Plan offers an extensive platform in film and music sales. Thanks to increased innovation in the film distribution landscape, we are able to capitalise on digital distribution methods such as streaming, downloading, or video-on-demand services – services that are utilised by both independent film companies and studios. As a result, we exploit rights for [...]