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剧情简介 Synopsis

A love story…
I thought much about what kind of love story I wanted to tell.

Woo-jin leaves a message for Soo-a on her yearbook. “Thank you. It was good to be beside you.” Later, Soo-a returns to Woo-jin with the message,
“I was more than happy to be with you.”

Just being with someone is more than enough. Perhaps that is love.
I wanted to talk about a love story like that.

– Director LEE Jang-hoon

角色介绍 Characters

“If only I could see you just one more time…”
‘Woo-jin’ raises his young son ‘Ji-ho’ alone after his wife ‘Soo-a’ had passed away. The house is a mess, he burns his eggs, he buttons his shirts wrong, and struggles to get his son to school and go to work each day. Soo-a being gone is a huge void in his life. Then one rainy day, Soo-a miraculously returns with her memories gone, and Woo-jin cannot hide his delight and shock. As he shares his memories with Soo-a and spends happy days with her, he gets scared that she may disappear again and becomes desperate not to lose her.
“I married you for love, right? Could you tell me about us?”
On a rainy day, Soo-a appears before Woo-jin with all her memories lost. She cannot believe that she is married and that Woo-jin is her husband, but looks at the photographs and other traces of her life with him throughout the house and wonders about the past that she can’t recall. Later, Soo-a confirms her love for Woo-jin as he tells her about how they had first met in high school, their first date, and the moment they first fell in love. However, just as she gets used to the happiness, she finds out about the fate that awaits her when the rain stops falling.

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